I’ve watched Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma”, a documentary about the negative impact of online social networking services.

I’ve been into this topic for years. I’ve read Cal Newport’s “Digital Minimalism”, and Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky’s “Make Time”. I’ve watched Netflix’s “The Great Hack”. I’ve been listening to Your Undivided Attention podcast. Tristan Harris, one of the hosts of the podcast is playing a key role in the documentary.

So, to be fair, watching this documentary is pretty much confirming my biases.

The documentary is overall good. It is not new for me due to the reasons above. That “three people control the pity boy” part is a bit cheesy though.

It is shallow about the way to deal with social networking services. Probably because some of the people who appeared in the documentary call government regulations. While I can agree we are powerless compared to big-tech companies, I’m not so sure what would be effective regulations.

Also regarding kids, I was helped by the internet when I was a teenager. No, my parents were great, but I didn’t like schools much at that time. Seeing good parents make the internet away from their kids make me sad.