Tristan Harris, a former Google employee who is appeared in Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism has been doing a podcast with Aza Raskin.

The podcast, Your Undivided Attention is long and often dark. It is more like Througline than Planet Money. That being said, the podcast is really interesting and relevant. I’ve listened Mr. Harris Goes to Washington recently. The episode is a good recap of what’s they are discussing and worrying about.

I especially like this part.

What if we got each human being on earth to be narcissistically posting their news, their commentary, and photos of their cats and dogs and breakfasts, and they’ll do that work for free. We don’t have to pay them because we just show their friends the number of followers they have and now they’ll actually just addictively come back and want to get as much attention for themselves as possible.

But what’s really happened is that they’ve become kind of like the information or attention gig economy workers, they’re like the Uber drivers, but they’re driving around attention.

This is one of the reasons I don’t use Mastodon. While it doesn’t have a central authority and a blackbox algorithm, it still make me an attention gig economy worker. You could argue that the internet itself would be though.