Kazu's Log

Kazuyoshi Kato is a Japanese software developer in Seattle, Washington. He is interested in programming languages, data visualization and prototyping.

CircleCI’s AWS CLI is old. That’s why people install the CLI from Python’s pip rather than using apt-get.

Technically speaking, there is no “CircleCI’s AWS CLI”. CircleCI uses Docker, and there are pre-build Docker images, which use Debian 8 (Jessie) and Debian 9 (Stretch) currently. Debian 9’s AWS CLI is 1.11.13 and Debian 8’s CLI is 1.4.2. They are really old. CloudFront was “preview” at that time.

It is better to ignore these ancient versions. Just install the latest CLI from pip.

For next two or three months, I’m going to write a Pomodoro timer app in Swift. I’ve been using JustFocus as my Pomodoro timer. While I am satisified about 90% of the app, I sometimes forgot to start the timer, mostly after meetings where I tend to cancel an ongoing pomdoro.

Writing Pomodoro timer shouldn’t be that hard. I hope that I can “scratch own itch” by writing my own app.

Having my own project

Another goal of this project is having (and completing) my own software development project.

I’ve been working as a software developer in a relatively large corp for 5+ years. While working in a large corp itself is fine for me, I recently realized what I conceive as “software development” is becoming “software development within a team, in a large corp” which is just a small sub-set of software development.

So, I want to try something different. The repos is here and I will share my progress in this blog bi-weekly.

Compared to React, Angular’s commit message guidelines are very detailed,

We have very precise rules over how our git commit messages can be formatted. This leads to more readable messages that are easy to follow when looking through the project history. But also, we use the git commit messages to generate the Angular change log.

which are adopted by Vue’s Commit Message Convention.

Because of the guidelines, the most of commit messages on the repos start with “types” that indicate the types of changes.

The below chart is the types of changes on Angular over time.

Angular: Types of Changes

Compard to Angular, Vue is much smaller and sporadic.

Vue: Types of Changes