I learned Unix by reading books, magazines and blogs. It was long time ago. One resource I still can remember and like is “Unix Programming Environment” by Brian W. Kernighan and Rob Pike. I read its Japanese translation from ASCII 1.However this book was aged even at that time and the original English version from Prentice-Hall seems discontinued. It is not something I could recommend to others.

MIT CSAIL’s the Missing Semester of Your CS Education looks good. I only have skimmed through though. It is good to see that the page mentions man;

A more detailed approach is to use the man command. Short for manual, man provides a manual page (called manpage) for a command you specify.

But new developers also should know the difference between kill(1) and kill(2). How do people learn that nowadays?

  1. No. Not American Standard Code for Information Interchange. There is a Japanese company called ASCII. The publishing label is now called ASCII Dwango which sells technical books such as the Rust Programming Language’s Japanese translation. ↩︎