E-ink Android tablets

May 3, 2021

My tech books reading has been mostly on O’Reilly’s app which I have a discounted subscription through my ACM membership. I use the app mainly on iPad.

Then some of my friends got e-ink devices like reMarkable 2 and BOOX Note3. While these large e-ink tablets are too expensive for me, smaller versions are not so. For example, BOOX Poke3 is $189.99, Bouye Likebook P6 is $149.99 and Bouye Likebook Mars is $219.00.

So this is my “research” post to cool myself down.

Does O’Reilly app support paging instead of scrolling?

I couldn’t find the option on the iPad app, but the Android app supports paging, at least on my OnePlus 5T.

BOOX’s bold font issue

Apparently BOOX is rendering text in bold unnecessary on WebViews for more than a year.

The third link specifically mentions O’Reilly app, that would be a deal-breaker for me.

Update: Bouye Likebook P78

Bouye has released Likebook P78. USB-C is nice. I have to wait a few weeks for see more reviews.