This is the end of my 100 Days To Offload challenge. It technically took two years, but still within 365 days. I started the challenge at May 21st, 2020 after reading Guillermo Garron’s Blogging is not dead.

Blogging is not dead, as Tim Bray has written in 2020.

Um, nope. For every discipline-with-depth that I care about (software/Internet, politics, energy economics, physics), if you want to find out what’s happening and you want to find out from first-person practitioners, you end up reading a blog.

They’re pretty hard to monetize, which means that the people who write them usually aren’t primarily bloggers, they’re primarily professional economists or physicists or oil analysts or Internet geeks. Since most of us don’t even try to monetize ’em, they’re pretty ad-free and thus a snappy reading experience.

I would disagree regarding the monetization part though. It is great to see makers like Laura Kampf can do her stuff and make a living.

But I do agree blogging is not dead. Writing from from first-person practitioners is great. Twitter is too short and centralized.

What’s next?

I would slow down a bit, but the act of aiming only high quality, meaningful, lengthy posts is the way to kill good blogs. I would still write short “what I’ve learned recently” posts.