I had written about Fraidycat in 2020.

I’ve been using Feedly after Google Reader’s shutdown. Before that, I was using livedoor Reader and Bloglines. I may switch from Feedly to Fraidycat.

The switch didn’t happen. I ended up back to Feedly again. I’ve been using RSS readers for a decade 1 and seems I cannot go back anymore.

Kicks, the author of Fraidycat wrote;

This is one reason I was happy to see RSS fall out of favor. I don’t really want to read everything in Arial, gray on white with a little blue. Blog posts that were beautifully arranged in their homes, now stuffed together into a makeshift public shelter of dreary gray and white and chalked around with a little line of blue.

While I can understand this sentiment, I’m so used to that gray-and-white world. I’d like to read all blogs from my RSS reader without leaving there, even that loses a bit of personality.

That being said, Fraidycat is nice. I like the feature that I can follow certain sources intentionally slowly.

  1. Things I’ve been using since college all now fall into “I’ve been using X for more than a decade” bucket, which is overwhelming. Am I that old? ↩︎