I still read Twitter. Cindy Sridharan has started her new blog on Substack. Marc Brooker has shared his favorite papers in 2020. I want to know these information and Twitter is the only medium for me so far.

I also post this blog’s updates to Twitter automatically via IFTTT. I want to keep this blog static. So Twitter works as the lightweight comment/feedback system. Sometimes I tweet.

Yet, I want to reduce the time I spend on Twitter. Moreover I want to be more conscious about what I read in this year.

What I’ve tried

I’ve been using LeachBlock on my Firefox and limiting the time I spend on certain websites, but this strategy barely worked. Having 10 minutes of Twitter made me want to read, actually a bit more.

In hindsight, it’s an obvious outcome. Most of paid websites allow you to read a little without paying, because that makes you want to read a bit more. I made a system that would make that “craving”.

What I’m going to do

Instead, I’m going to use Twitter only on Saturdays. On other days, Twitter will be 100% blocked.

Hopefully the 6 days hiatus breaks my habit of checking Twitter aimlessly.