Nov 25, 2020

M5Stack is a series of ESP32-based development kits. ESP32 is a cheap SoC microcontroller, similar to Arduino. The CPU architecture is Xtensa, which hasn’t been supported by LLVM upstream yet.

One of the biggest benefits of ESP32 is that it supports Wi-Fi. There are a lot of interesting development kits from micro:bit to PyBadge, but supporting Wi-FI is exceptional. In fact, other kits in similar size often use ESP32 as a way to connect the internet.

Compared to other ESP32-based development kits, M5Stack series is enclosed in a small plastic case, which would be good for making small toys for kids.

I bought few in this Black Friday. They may be coming from China and would take weeks.

Update 2020-12-11

I have placed the order in November 24th and received the package today. So it took 17 days.