Topshelf Records is an record label in Portland, Oregon. Many so-called “math rock” Asian bands belong the label in the West, such as toe, tricot and Elephant Gym. While I’m happy to see tricot has signed a deal with avex, apparently that means no more tricot from Topshelf Records, which is a bummer.

Anyway, Topshelf Records recently made a brand-new website. I do like the vivid and bold design. And then this manifesto;

We built this website while pondering ways that we could, at every turn, focus on discovery by bringing music we released years ago relevantly back into the present. By hand curating similar artists within our roster and meticulously sorting every album we’ve ever released by genre, we’ve spent hundreds of hours building this robust website experience to hopefully challenge how we collectively talk and think about music. New music discovery is exciting—to be real, it’s a large part of why we run a label—but so is discovering music that’s simply new to you.

This is beautiful. The designer, Kevin Duquette actually works as “A&R / Advertising / Creative” in the label. So there is more than a client-designer relationship.