I know people don’t come here for reading Coronavirus news, but I do like to keep some notes for future myself.

I have Sodastream and went out for getting its CO2 bottles today. However they are mostly sold out around my neighborhood. Apparently there is a CO2 shortage.

Surprising Shortage Of Carbon Dioxide Threatens Food And Beverage Industries (Forbes)

The coronavirus outbreak has created multiple shortages as businesses shut down to maintain social distancing and quarantine orders. As the production of ethanol plants decreases, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) they capture as a byproduct and resell is also going down. This has implications for both food and beverage manufacturers that depend on CO2 for carbonation.

With fewer people driving to work or traveling, the need for fuels, such as ethanol, has gone down. In turn, plants have either cut or stopped making ethanol and its byproducts.

And “went out” here means literally walking around. It may be better to have a bike, then, there is a bike shortage.

Sorry, the World’s Biggest Bike Maker Can’t Help You Buy a Bike Right Now (The New York Times)

Because gyms are closed and we could all use a little more exercise; because we are avoiding buses and trains; because we are in need of outdoor group activities; or perhaps just because the pandemic has made us crave simple pleasures like the wind against our faces, bicycle sales are soaring around the world.

The result has been an international bike shortage. And the world’s largest bike maker, Giant, expects its supplies to remain tight for some time to come.

In my neighborhood, the grocery stores are fine regarding stocks and the drug stores have masks, but still some surprising things are hard to buy.