Aug 14, 2020

Complaining about Slack’s threads is so 2017, but I’m new to Slack and confused by threads.

Threads makes sending notifications easier. If you are on a thread, you are interested. If you are not, you are not. It makes a channel less clutter. I see. But I want to follow all discussions roughly without clicking around.

Maybe what I’m doing, following all conversations roughly is IRC thing. Slack realizes that it wouldn’t be scalable. However the decision should be owned by the customers, not Slack.

Another things bothers me is that Slack’s API is not designed to write your own client. There are a few alternative clients such as emacs-slack, terminal-slack and slack-term. But all of them mention a non-straightforward way to get an authentication token first.

Slack is a paid productivity app for businesses. It is sad to see the app is pushing the way we consume information. Ads-powered apps for consumers might need to do that to make sure people do see ads, but Slack doesn’t have to.