ActionDash is an alternative of Google’s Digital Wellbeing app. The Wellbeing only works on Android 8.0 Oreo or newer versions, whereas ActionDash supports older phones, including my OnePlus 5T.

I was using ActionDash to limit my time on Chrome and Gmail, but I tended to change the setting to allow a bit of time after hitting the limit, especially regarding Chrome. I have terrible self-control.

So, I’ve just uninstalled Chrome once again.

How to uninstall Chrome on Android? It is Google’s phone and Chrome is Google’s browser.

“Make Time” book’s John Zeratsky wrote the way on The Distraction-Free Android.

The good news is that Android (at least the version on my Pixel, v7.1.1) lets you disable any system app from the settings. That means you can easily turn off email, and when you need it again, turn it back on and your Google Account is still there. It’s pretty slick.

Technically you cannot “uninstall” Chrome, but you can “disable” Chrome.