Jul 12, 2020

I was looking I’m happier without a smartphone (2018) from Firefox’s History. I recently found this post and I liked it.

Getting rid of a smartphone is not for me, but I’ve been following basically what Jake Knapp wrote on the “Make Time” book.

For me, an iPhone without distracting apps is an amazing device. Mine still has music and podcasts. It has tools straight out of Harry Potter: The Knight Bus (Uber and Lyft) and the Weasleys’ clock (Find Friends). I can read foreign languages with Google Translate. I can talk to Siri, and she (often) understands me. My phone still has fantastic maps and a kick-ass camera. It even has a flashlight!

On my OnePlus 5T, I have neither Chrome nor social apps, but I still have Google Maps, Line (WeChat/WhatsApp equivalent in Japan), Pocket Casts and some others, which I don’t spend too much time.

I can do stuff but I cannot kill time on my phone. Being bored is good, especially as a parent. Kids don’t interrupt you when you do nothing. They are actually giving things to do for you, from playing with Lego to changing diapers.