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Jul 27, 2019

I have migrated both and from Nuxt.js to Hugo.

Recently Mozilla’s podcast, IRL has started a new season. The latest episode was about The Internet’s Carbon Footprint, that introduced LOW←TECH MAGAZINE which is beautiful. Inspired by that and some other mostly static websites, I’m migrating off of Nuxt.js.

Nuxt.js is not bad, but using that for one-man websites is overkill. I see the new wave of web development, React, Vue or generally speaking “components” as a way to deal with scaling issues. If you have a lot of features and/or a lot of developers, having only basic tools may not work and new tools like “scoped” CSS work better. But I maintain mostly static websites by myself.


  • Less dependencies. No node_modules.
  • Faster to build.
  • Hugo provides a development server with live-reload, a bit of template functionalities to separate common HTML snippets such as a header, and Markdown support.


  • doesn’t list old articles without JavaScript. It has to be pre-rendered without JavaScript, which I haven’t implemented by using Hugo’s template. I agree that isomorphic rendering makes sense, compared to implement something in different languages.
  • Go’s template is awkward

Overall I like Hugo better, even for non-blog websites. I also want to go further – how about getting rid of Google Analytics and custom fonts?