Nov 9, 2018

While I have another blog in Japanese where I write about more random thoughts, I wanted to make this blog “themed”. It was visualiation from January to Februray, then Rust from July to August, but then I haven’t posted for more than two months…

So, I’m going to make this blog less themed to have some momentum going. It might look less professional and wouldn’t make any “brand”. But at this stage, I probably don’t have to worry about such a thing much.

A few months back, I read Andrew Chen’s 10 years of professional blogging – what I’ve learned;

Nevertheless, because initially no one will read your work, the key is just to get started. Your initial topics and format should be whatever you can do easily and maintain some sort of frequency. Maybe that’s 500 words a month on a new product you’ve tried, and whether you hate or it not. Just get started, find out what you like, and you’ll have a lot of time to figure out the intersection of what you want to write, and what others want to read.

This advice is for me – “no one will read my work”. Well, I think I have a few readers here (thanks!) but I don’t have a lot.

Until the end of this year, I will write some relatively random but probably tech stuff here to get some momentum. Let’s see how it goes.