Kato Kazuyoshi


Arduino-powered Name Tag

Last week, I read the post from RubyKaigi's staff.

RubyKaigi has a tradition of using postcard-sized name tags. You write your name very big to your tag. Everyone can recognize each other.

Ok, Mom. This is my name tag!


And this tag shows some messages with a neat transition (inspired from Nakamura Yugo's work).

DSC_0114 DSC_0115 DSC_0116 DSC_0117 DSC_0118 DSC_0119

If you see a guy who wear this tag, please say "I read your blog." or hi or something!


Category Theory

But I very much hope that category theory will NOT become a prerequisite for intelligent discussion on this group. Frankly, I have seen too many community die from falling in this hole.

Martin Odersky

April, May and June

It's middle of the year now. So I'll review my three months.

Eikaiwa school

I decided to go to an Eikaiwa school to improve my English. Today there are many Skype-style Eikaiwa schools. But I'm too lazy to launch Skype periodically. That's why I go to a good old fashioned school. Actually, the school is just a "pace maker". I need to study more by myself.


Scala 2.9 released. And new Scaladoc was accepted well by the community. I gave a short talk about Scaladoc at Tokyo. On my last slide, I quoted the tweet of Lachlan O'Dea.

Scala 2.9 is out, sweet. Docs don't make headlines, but my favourite feature is the new Scaladoc.

I'm glad to get such positive feedbacks.


I fixed some bugs on jQuery UI and I got iPad 2, iPod touch, Nintendo Wii, "Eloquent JavaScript" book and one year subscription of Grooveshark Anywhere. Can you beleive?


But I ashamed a little. Because I didn't fix bug after RewardJS.

The earthquake and the nuclear power plant

Have you ever see an angry man on a station when a train accident occurred? He shouts at the staff, "I'LL LATE! MOVE THE TRAIN!". Does he makes things better?

I saw the anti-nuclear demo at Shinjuku. It's biggest demo I've never seen. I'm confused and I rememberd the angry man.