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The 2nd day of RubyKaigi - Net::HTTP Strikes Back

Of course, RubyKaigi was held at July 16 to 18. Sorry for my laziness.

Elise Huard - Actors on stage

Elise talked about parallel programming and actors. Personally, I want to know about "how to design actors" or "pattern of actors". So I asked on the session and talked after the session. She answerd:

  • First, you should split your problem into actors.
  • And don't share mutable state with actors.
  • "Supervisor" is very common pattern to build fault-tolerant system.

Eric Hodel - Writing Friendly Libraries

Eric (Dr. Brain) talked about "how to design/implement/release" friendly libraries. I remembered Microsoft Press's "Framework Design Guidelines".

Richard Huang - Use rails_best_practices to refactor your rails codes

Richard (@flyerhzm) talked about his library, rails_best_practices. It's Perl::Critic for Rails. And their internal expression is S-expression. Long live Lisp!

Wen-Tien Chang - BDD style Unit Testing

Wen (@ihower) talked about RSpec. Several years ago, I think RSpec is "just a syntax". But maybe it's time to rethink about RSpec. His talk gave good opportunity for me.

Chris Kowalik - Efficient JavaScript integration testing with Ruby and V8 engine

Chris talked about Mike. His fast headless-browser. I think it's really big project and V8 is not so good for embedding. I asked on the session and after the session.

I think V8 is not good for embedding. We don't have multiple instances per process.
Well, but V8 has context to separete their execution environment.
Browser is really big software. Will you implement renderer?
No. Mike doesn't need renderer.
libxml2 can parse broken HTML, but their behavior is not documented well. Do you have a plan to support HTML5 parsing?
Sometimes. But my first goal is finish.

Yehuda Katz - Advancing Net::HTTP

Yehuda Katz talked about Net::HTTP, asynchronous programming and reactor model. His talk was powerful. I was impressed.

Kakutani Shintaro - The Gate

Kakutani talked about his story, or history between Ruby, RubyKaigi and himself.

Sometime, my friends (especially, non-Ruby programmers) say "Ruby programmers are too enthusiastic". Well. However, several years ago, Ruby was a yet another minor language. But some people love and use. Now we have many developers, implementations, businesses and JIS X 3017!

Enthusiasm is not so bad. Do you want to use your favorite language on your business?


Really interesting and exciting. I met many people and drunk a lot. And I talked with Yehuda Katz and Matz!

The first day of RubyKaigi

Ok, I'll write about RubyKaigi.

RubyKaigi 2011 Attendee

Aaron Peterson - Ruby Ruined My Life

Before his talk, Kakutani said on a dais:

Please sit more closely together! Aaron will feel alone if you sit separetly. Hey! don't sit here. Please come on.

People won't do this on any other tech conference. But here is RubyKaigi. People (especially staffs) are so kind even if you don't think it's hacker-esque.

Aaron talked about various topics:

  • His Movie
  • Boundaries
  • Gems - @miyagawa watched the keynote (on Ustream) and tweeted about Perl and CPAN
  • DTrace

And "Ruby Ruined My Life". He decided to join a small startup with a pay cut because he want to use Ruby. I rememberd Jacob Kaplan-Moss's Thank you, Rails.

After the keynote, I went to Shinjuku to take a lesson of English.

Andy Delcambre - Toggleable Mocks and Testing Strategies in a Service Oriented Architecture

"Service Oriented Architecture" sounds Enterprisey. But maybe it means "loosely-coupled, HTTP-based system". So I should use these technique for testing our (my company's) system.

Matsumoto Yukihiro - Lightweight Ruby

Matz talked about his new embeddable, Lua-like implementation of Ruby: Rite.

Technically, it's interesting. But I hope it won't become a new boundary on Ruby world.

Nakamura Narihiro - A Parallel World of CRuby GC

Before Nari's talk, I found Aaron Peterson on the seats. And my name tag contains "XML is like violence" and "What Would Freddie Mercury Do". I wanna show it for him! [Calm down, what are you a little girl?]

That's why I couldn't listen Nari's talk well... But I showed "What Would Freddie Mercury Do" to Aaron Peterson!

Sasada Koichi - Ruby Implementations on A Parallel World

Sasada talked about his students research. Multiple VM + Channel seems interesting.


When I show my name tag to Aaron, Some people asked to me: "Oh, what is this?". They are @masuidrive's partner and @takachin. And I found Toshi (my ex-coworker) and his friends.

I had a dinner with them and some of speakers from foreign countries. So I couldn't see "Yami RubyKaigi" but the dinner is interesting. And it changed my mind.

I should talk more speakers and attendees even if my English is broken.

Arduino-powered Name Tag

Last week, I read the post from RubyKaigi's staff.

RubyKaigi has a tradition of using postcard-sized name tags. You write your name very big to your tag. Everyone can recognize each other.

Ok, Mom. This is my name tag!


And this tag shows some messages with a neat transition (inspired from Nakamura Yugo's work).

DSC_0114 DSC_0115 DSC_0116 DSC_0117 DSC_0118 DSC_0119

If you see a guy who wear this tag, please say "I read your blog." or hi or something!