Kato Kazuyoshi


Wrap up 2011, and then...

I've decided to use my spare time for an another project mainly until... probably February. Then I will restart my blog at February 2012, not January. And in 2012, I'm going to write my blog in English and Japanese. In this year, I didn't write Japanese in this blog. However I wrote some articles in Japanese at mixi, Facebook and Google+. I think it was not so good. I want share my thoughts with many people. "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow".

Ongoing 30 Days Challenge

From December 5, every morning at the office, I chose 3 items from my TODO list. These items are my MITs (Most Important Tasks) of the day. I think it's a good habit. You can't make good decisions when you tired. That's why you should not choose a next task when you finished a current task.


I have a summary of each quarters:

House moving, contributing Scala, the earthquake, learning English, contributing jQuery UI, reduce drinking, and many conferences! Hmm, I've done many things in this year.

And then? Honestly to say, I don't know. I don't have a long-term goal yet. I hope I will find the goal sometime but it's difficult. There are many interesting things to do.

The last month

It's December!

Zen To Done

"Try Zen To Done" wasn't a good theme for 30 Day Challenge because it was a habit, not an action. Anyway, I will continue to adopt Minimal ZTD. My Gmail's inbox is still empty and it feels comfortable. In this month, I will focus to get into whole four habits. And I will count an action: set MITs everyday.

Introdution to Databases

He who runs after two hares will catch neither. Then I decided to stop taking the course because I'm little busy in this winter :(

My latest TOEIC score

I had took TOEIC at October 30 and I received a result today. I got 395 in Listening and 355 in Reading. The score is still bad and I know that I can't communicate well with people who speak English only. However I took TOEIC at 2010 and the score was 645. It's not so bad if I have time to reward myself!